Monthly Archive: November, 2014

The Usual Precautions V – Hero of the Apocalypse

He came to you one night, just on sunset and said, “Quickly! The evil comes! It is time for you to stand now for humanity! Time for you to protect us all!” You… Continue reading

The Usual Precautions IV – Transylvanian Zombie Apocalypse

A village square in Transylvania. Dnieperburg. Midnight. A full moon. Villagers hanging out of their upstairs windows. No-one can sleep with all this noise going on. In the South corner of the square… Continue reading

The Usual Precautions III – Cinderella’s Zombie Apocalypse

Cinderella looked at the pumpkin coach and looked back at the Fairy Godmother. “It’s all vegetably inside!” “Beggars can’t be choosers, sweetpea. We just need to get you inside the palace, away from… Continue reading