KindleRunners Are Go!

We’ve fixed the internet problem and the course is ready to go!

Because people kept asking me, I’ve set up this course with Cyber_Shed in Blackheath to pass on everything I know about self-publishing.

The course outline is below – If you’re interested but not in the Blue Mountains area, I have a vague plan to set this up as an email course later in the year.

KindleRunners – Course Outline
The course is based on Face-to-Face sessions at Cybershed every 3 weeks to learn/extend knowledge of the technical side including setting up a range of online accounts. Sessions run 10-2 and cost $40. Carla is running the course and Simon from Cybershed is available for technical support.
The three weeks between each session gives you time to use what you have learned – you’ll receive email updates and you can always phone Carla.

27 February – Session 1:  Authors and their Platforms
Aims: Know what to include in your author platform and know how to set it up.
Set up and learn to use: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon’s Author Page.
Start creating a Publishing Plan.

19 March  – Session 2: Content
Aims: Know what you need to do to get your manuscript ready for publication
Set up and learn to use: Kindle Direct, CreateSpace, MailChimp, Survey Monkey
Start creating a survey for reviewers.

9 April – Session 3: Connect With Fans + Reason to Buy
Aims: Build your marketing plan and find your customer avatars
Set up and learn to use: Google AdWords/Keyword Planner, Facebook Pages, Ads & Events
Start creating your Marketing Plan

30 April  – Session 4: Publishing
Aims: Putting it all together
Step Through the Kindle Direct and CreateSpace process
Set up and learn to use Lulu (if we have time)
Add post-publication activities to your Marketing Plan

21 May – Session 5:  Launch!
Aims: Hitting the “Publish” button on Kindle
Set up some post-publication

11 June –  Session 6: Lessons Learned 

Aims:  Post-publication
What went right? Lessons Learned

If you are interested, drop me a line at or leave a message on 0414 236 576

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