Phone-Buddy Writing

Good grief – I’ve suddenly gone from what felt like quite a mundane, everyday sort of writing life to something that’s really a bit helter-skelter.

I’m doing four very exciting things:

  1. The Dailies have launched!! You can sign up for the free trial week at Big Stone Creations
  2. Here’s an interview with me about self-publishing. It’s on the website of extremely talented creator Theresa Turner. Go, read, enjoy!
  3. And I was asked to speak on a panel about self-publishing at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. I’m inclined to think that’s because they couldn’t find anyone else.
  4. And I’m phone-buddy writing every week with my friend Ann. Which is fantastically inspiring and means we can meet up and write without having to get dressed.

Ann taught me this!

Here’s how to be a Phone-Buddy Writer:

  1. Find a friend who will be extremely supportive, ask occasional pertinent questions and who really, really wants to write and get something finished.
  2. Arrange a weekly time-slot.
  3. On the day phone your friend at the appointed hour and tell each other what you are going to write.
  4. Agree on how long you are going to write for.
  5. Hang up and write.
  6. At the end of the time, phone your friend back and do a post mortem. You can read to each other or just talk about what you wrote or even send each other selections.

It’s a very effective way to keep yourself focussed. And if you phone-buddy in the morning, you may well find yourself still writing in the afternoon!