CNV00104    “…a world where the absurd slider is set almost to maximum.”  – Damien

“…makes me smile inside and out.” – Rachel

“…a smart, funny, and inspiring writer.” – Nike




Carla Billinghurst is the author of “Halibut, Herring and You”.

After many years spent working in touring theatre in the UK she fell in love, gave birth in a geodesic dome and emigrated to Australia on the back of a stolen mountain bike. She fell in love with Australia and has spent 20 years trying to become a respectable citizen. As part of that endeavour she became a public servant and discovered that is not the best way to encourage Australians to respect you. Reasons for her failure to gain respectability include the legendary Blackheath Pantomimes, the stories she writes to help her stay sane in the workplace (here’s a selection from the InteLife Environment Project) and what goes on in her writing workshops.

Loves: The natural environment and all the benefits of civilization.

Hates: The conflict between those two things.

Admires: Anyone with a big dream – people who put stuff up in space or under the sea or change things for the better.

Despises: Malice and destruction.

Has decided to do more: Writing, staying at home and publishing.

Has decided to do less: Apologising.