Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Claiming Insurance When Your Car is Written Off through the Carelessness of Aliens

! Nike Sulway posted about an online MOOC she and Boo are ambling their way through:¬† How Writers Write Poetry¬† The course is free and fabulous and presented by Christopher Merrill and Camille… Continue reading

Watch Me Self Publish #5 Post Mortem

Halibut On Amazon – It’s Online!! Well, that went ok! It’s not an overnight best-seller so it’s just as well I wasn’t expecting that. And I have to update the document (I got… Continue reading

Watch Me Self Publish #4 Author Central and CreateSpace

I wrote this last week and then forgot to post it – a bit submerged in doctors and things…also in sending out reminders to the reviewers…anyway… What You Can Do At Author Central… Continue reading