Monthly Archive: November, 2015

C’mon Over to the Park Side…

Tod …It’ll be really cool. Actually, quite cold. In fact, pretty freezing. Nevertheless, I am sticking with my Friday Plunge Pledge. And today I saw something I haven’t seen for years… The Blackheath… Continue reading

My Plunge Pledge

There are ducks in the water and sparrows in the changing rooms. I’ve made a Plunge Pledge with myself to swim every Friday. Whatever the weather! We need people to swim regularly and… Continue reading

Pooling Around

(Tune is Edelweiss) Blackheath Pool, Blackheath Pool Every season you greet me Big and Blue, Wet and Cool You look happy to meet me Fog, wind and rain we will swim again What… Continue reading

My Writerly Garden

Blossom Time For those of you interested in my previous post about planting a Writing Corner in my garden with the idea that as it flourished, so would my writing, I thought I’d… Continue reading