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Iris – A Book About Violence

I have an online writing colleague who I’ve never met- Toni Owen-Blue. we were introduced by a mutual acquaintance who thinks we’re both fabulous. So it’s  a friendship made in heaven…Even if we’d… Continue reading

Phone-Buddy Writing

Good grief – I’ve suddenly gone from what felt like quite a mundane, everyday sort of writing life to something that’s really a bit helter-skelter. I’m doing four very exciting things: The Dailies… Continue reading

Watch Me Self-Publish: Sydney Writers’ Festival

Ever since I saw the Sylvester the Cat t-shirt that said “Thydney” I haven’t been able to say “Sydney” without thinking with a lisp. Thydeny Writerth Fethtival is a bit of a mouthful,… Continue reading


KindleRunners Are Go! We’ve fixed the internet problem and the course is ready to go! Because people kept asking me, I’ve set up this course with Cyber_Shed in Blackheath to pass on everything… Continue reading

Being Tired

When I am tired, my defences collapse. Like old, mud-brick walls crumbling under the onslaught of rain, time, loud scrambling children. Then I can’t stop life reaching in. I notice the trees noticing… Continue reading

C’mon Over to the Park Side…

Tod …It’ll be really cool. Actually, quite cold. In fact, pretty freezing. Nevertheless, I am sticking with my Friday Plunge Pledge. And today I saw something I haven’t seen for years… The Blackheath… Continue reading

My Plunge Pledge

There are ducks in the water and sparrows in the changing rooms. I’ve made a Plunge Pledge with myself to swim every Friday. Whatever the weather! We need people to swim regularly and… Continue reading

Pooling Around

(Tune is Edelweiss) Blackheath Pool, Blackheath Pool Every season you greet me Big and Blue, Wet and Cool You look happy to meet me Fog, wind and rain we will swim again What… Continue reading

My Writerly Garden

Blossom Time For those of you interested in my previous post about planting a Writing Corner in my garden with the idea that as it flourished, so would my writing, I thought I’d… Continue reading

Found Objects – Guest Post from Pamela Noal

Found Objects Welcome to Pamela, our guest poster for today. Pamela came to the Springwood workshop wanting to solve some of the problems she was encountering in writing a family memoir for her… Continue reading