Guest Post – Chris Okunbor

Chris in Berlin poster from her 2014 European Tour

Chris in Berlin – poster from her 2014 European Tour

Welcome to Chris, first guest poster from A Big Stone Rolls Inside. Chris is a talented and well-known musician who came to the workshop looking to spread her wings a little with a foray into prose. We all loved this little snippet when she read it out at the workshop. Over to you, Chris…
Too many shes and hers….would give her a name in the next revision….maybe.
Throwing the IPad Mini down in disgust, she eases off the bed and shuffles towards the kitchen, a hedgehog shuffling and snuffling for a saucer of milk. Resignation flows  through the heart as she grabs the whiskey bottle from the cupboard, and in one moment of defiant freedom, tilts her head back and gulps, gulps, gulps. Maybe sleep will come now?
Remembering the desire to lie flat, spread eagle, a promiscuous harlot waiting for sleep to ravish her, she falls back onto the bed, and gives an inane giggle. Oh it feels so fine for a nanosecond of come-and-take-me anesthesia, then the prickles dig into her back, the body bows, the hedgehog furls up tighter and tighter and tighter into its little homemade cell. She cries, unable to escape the dull pain.