Kindle Run – Posting an Amazon Review

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How to post an Amazon review

If you aren’t Kindling very much or don’t spend whole evenings browsing Amazon like some of us do 😉 you won’t know how to do this so here are the basic instructions (with a picture of what the reviewing page looks like):

Amazon review

  1. Go to and Log in. You can only leave a review if you have bought something from Amazon.
  2. Navigate to the Book using the search box – put in Halibut, Herring and You.
  3. On the book’s page, scroll to the bottom area of the page and click “Write a Customer Review”.
  4. Select an option in the box below “How would you describe the plot of this book?” (Your options are: Predictable/ Some Twists/ Full of surprises)
  5. Click on the stars from 1 to 5 to give a star rating – an average of all the star ratings given shows up next to the book listing in Amazon.
  6. Type your review or copy and paste your pre-written review – the only thing I’d ask you to avoid is summarising stories and/or giving away the endings.
  7. Follow the Amazon guidelines:

A. Summary of the full Amazon guidelines:

  • Include the “why”: The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a product, but also why. Feel free to talk about related products and how this item compares to them.
    Be specific: Your review should focus on specific features of the product and your experience with it. For video reviews, we recommend that you write a brief introduction.
    Not too short, not too long: The ideal length is 75 to 500 words. Video reviews have a 10-minute limit, but we recommend 2 to 5 minutes to keep your audience engaged.
    Be sincere: We welcome your honest opinion about the product–positive or negative. We do not remove reviews because they are critical. We believe all helpful information can inform our customers’ buying decisions.
    Full disclosure: If you received a free product in exchange for your review, please clearly and conspicuously disclose that that you received the product free of charge.

B. Star Ratings. This is highly subjective. I think it boils down to:

One Star: Run away, do not read, sticking pins in your eyes is more fun than this book

Two Stars: There is some enjoyment to be had. Assuming you are snowed in somewhere and bored of playing solitaire.

Three Stars: Either this is an OK read OR it’s a good read but the editing is terrible so that grammar and spelling errors make it really hard to read.

Four Stars: Nothing technically wrong and a good read.

Five Stars: A truly satisfying read. If I hadn’t been given a copy I’d probably buy one OR while this isn’t my thing I’d definitely recommend it for readers who like….(name an author or book it reminds you of)

From my explorations on Amazon that seems to be how the star ratings work; if you have a different understanding of it, please follow your preferences.

I think that’s everything.

Thank you again!

And again!