A Big Stone Rolls Inside…Again

Now available globally on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

Now available globally on Amazon in paperback or Kindle!

Today I’m having a relaxing Sunday after Cymbeline and I ran a really fabulous workshop! I’m not exaggerating – participants described it using words like “masterful” and “I loved it”. At the end, people were rushing out to the library desk to sign up for the second workshop in Springwood in September.

All very gratifying. We are pleased with ourselves and wxcited about what we could do with our futures. Cymbeline and I lounged around in her living room afterwards with sushi and tea plotting our next workshop and all the other projects we’d like to do together.

At the workshop, we spent time talking about how a writer has to be vulnerable. Some of the exercises people most enjoyed were those in which we asked people to simply be present and encounter each other: to see and to be seen.

And then I came across this post on Facebook today from Adair Jones – it’s a piece by Helen Garner about how she wrote her most recent book and it describes just that vulnerability but also how she took charge of that vulnerability and used it to write logically, rationally, informatively about a horrific murder.

Highly recommended:  This House of Grief

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be inviting the workshop participants to guest blog – watch this space.

Something that is also emerging in our conversations is the idea of the Heroine’s Journey and how Heroines, as part of their emergence into full being, learn to work and bring that work home. Working class and peasant women have always been proud of the work they do, especially if they can do their work in their own homes (I’m thinking spinning, weaving, cooking…) and the opportunities to run a home-based business now are immense. I’m working on ways to convert my life back to home-based working; I’m sure you will hear more about it in the next few months!

In the meantime, as you can see from the photo, the paperback version of Halibut is up and about and selling like…well, like some fish that no-one’s really sure about. Still, it’s up and available, that’s what’s important!!