The Kindle Run

At the top of the Kindle Run

Here we are at the top of the icy slope. Ready?

Carla’s Kindle Run

I’m finally e-publishing – Launch Date 1st May!!

And I’m inviting you along for the ride. I’m blogging about the process of self-publishing on Kindle AND I’m looking for people who are available on 1st May to post a review on Amazon as soon as I launch the book.

What You Get as a Reviewer
My undying gratitude!
A review copy of my collection of short stories “Halibut, Herring and You”
Full instructions on how to post an Amazon review
A couple of reminder emails coming up to launch date

What I’m Asking For
On launch date I’d like to have a dozen or so reviews on the Book Page on Amazon – this is so that people who may actually buy my work can see that it has been read by other people. I’d love you to be one of those reviewers.

Things Reviewers Can Do (Any or All of them – it’s up to you):

  1. Read the book and post Amazon reviews on Launch Day – May 1st.
  2. Do some online voting on Amazon to push reviews you think are helpful up to the top of the reviews list.
  3. Follow the blog and make comments by clicking here
  4. Give feedback on the Book Page and Author Page.

To sign up as a Reviewer click here: I’m a Reviewer!

It will open in a new window and add your details to my Mailchimp Reviewers List.

Love and Happy Writing!

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