Watch Me Self-Publish #3 (Pre-order link goes live tomorrow – 19th April 2015 – A Historic Date!) The next 10 steps: 1. Sent a PDF of the book to the reviewers with a link to the… Continue reading

Kindle Run – Posting an Amazon Review

How to post an Amazon review If you aren’t Kindling very much or don’t spend whole evenings browsing Amazon like some of us do 😉 you won’t know how to do this so… Continue reading

10 More Steps to Self Publishing

Did we bring the safety gear? I’m sure there’s a word for the arrival of inevitable doom following hubris. That moment when you think, “Well, of course, that was bound to happen”. I… Continue reading

Watch me Self-Publish #1

10 Steps to Self-Publishing (So Far…) 1. Research. Almost everything could be put under this heading. I started off knowing NOTHING about e-publishing (whatever I thought I knew, I really didn’t). In early… Continue reading

The Kindle Run

Here we are at the top of the icy slope. Ready? Carla’s Kindle Run I’m finally e-publishing – Launch Date 1st May!! And I’m inviting you along for the ride. I’m blogging about… Continue reading

Let’s Eat Cheescake and See If I Die

Let’s Eat Cheescake and See If I Die That’s a quote from Patrick earlier this year when he was really ill and I got up every morning half-expecting to find a corpse (his)… Continue reading

The Crash (“We’ll have to crash,” the co-pilot said. “It’s our only hope.”)

  This is a kind of demo post – I submitted the opening of a story to the Writer’s Path website here: So, Ryan offered some really useful points and below I… Continue reading

An Old-Fashioned Refugee

 JUST AN OLD FASHIONED REFUGEE I  wrote this for a pantomime in Blackheath and thought it was relevant in today’s climate. It’s about the main character coming to Blackheath as a refugee. The… Continue reading

Halibut, Herring and You.

This one is an old story, and not about zombies (for once). And the very talented Phenteus made this soundtrack: It’s the penguin love-song. Perfect for this story. I’m in awe of how… Continue reading

Guest Post – Bronwen Logan

Welcome to Bronwen, third of our guest posters from A Big Stone Rolls Inside. Bronwen came to the workshop with a desire to let go and see what happened. This is what happened…… Continue reading